Call for abstracts

APSSA invites abstract submission for research,practitioner and case study papers.
The abstract submitted should not exceed 500 words or one (1) MS Word page.It should be a concise summary of what will be presented,including a title and the aim of the presentation,key discussion points, and general takeaways or way forward.

Abstracts will be selected based on relevance to theme and subthemes of the staff conference.
Abstract should be:
- Submitted in PDF format.
- Named as follows: 16thAPSSA2018_Presenter surname_subtheme_title(e.g. 16thAPSSA2018_Abdullah_3_ResidensiUTM as sustainable student accommodation model), and

Kindly submit your abstracts. CLOSED

Selected abstracts will be scheduled for presentation at the staff conference day on Day 3 (8th August 2018) and Day 4 (9th August 2018) of the conference. Each presentation must not exceed 20 minutes in length.

Download : Presenter Delegates List